DrM-Language Affordable Online-Language-Learning

DrM-Language Affordable online language learning is a new project for DrM-Resources.

There is a tremendous need and demand for online language learning for English and for other languages. DrM-Resources is working with two online learning systems that offer English language learning at affordable prices with access 24/7 from home computers connected to the Internet. Both of these systems offer value-added training as well as a business opportunity for those who want to get into the business of making online language learning available to learners. One system currently is exclusively for use in China and the other system is being used throughout the world. Visit http://www.DrM-Language.com and the second-language-learning page of this website for more details. The DrM-Blog has several posts about this subject as well.

Business Opportunities

Business opportunities are available for people around the world who want to help people enroll in these online language programs. Visit http://www.DrM-Language.com for details.

English Language Learning and New Business Opportunities in China

On November 1, 2009, a new online English language learning program for China was launched. To learn more about the program itself, click here. To learn about the business opportunities associated with this new learing program, send Joel an e-mail at joelmonty@usa.net with the subject line--China Business Opportunity?.


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