NSB-Project for New Smyrna Beach, FL

Non-Affiliation Statement for Project

DrM-Resources is not affiliated with any other organizations when working on this project. It is currently the sole sponsor of the projects and none of them are funded at the moment other than by funds from DrM-Resources. While it is hoped that each of these projects will add value for target communities and organizations, none of these communities or organizations has initiated any of these projects.


On November 10, 1991, a group of very dedicated community volunteers created an event for the American Red Cross and the Community of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The event was called "CPR Sunday."

On January 26, 2010, one of those volunteers, Dawn (formerly a professional with the Red Cross) called many of these same volunteers and asked for support in creating a community service project for her new "home town" of New Smyrna Beach, FL.

We will be using many of the tools available from DrM-Resources to bring the project together--the Virtual Think Tank, the collaboration tools, and more.

If you want to be involved, sign-up to participate on this page and you will be able to collaborate and to engage in the discussions. You don't need to be present in New Smyrna Beach for the event, we can create the event virtually.

Thanks, Dawn, for reaching out to explore making a difference for another community.

Wikispaces and Collaboration

To get started, look at Wikis in Plain English by Lee Lefever from the Common Craft Show.

Project Ideas

What would we like to be involved with as a community event? If we want to benefit a charity and if we are looking for sponsors for an event, we need to remember that the value from the event has to reach more people and add more value than just having the sponsor donate directly to the charity.

At the CPR Sunday event in 1991, sponsors and volunteers trained 800 volunteers in the basics of CPR for free in one day. That was of significantly greater value to the Ft. Lauderdale/Port Everglades, FL community than soliciting donations for the American Red Cross or another charity.

What event would add value to participants, to the community, and (potentially) to charities? A recent news report on ABC World News showed Charlie Simpson riding his bicycle in England to generate 500 pounds for Haiti. He actually raised more than $160,000 for Unicef. He rode his bicycle around a park for five miles.

Practical and Inspiring

The project and event needs to be extremely practical, especially in today's economy, and inspiring for everyone involved--including the community.
One thing that seems to be high on everyone's agenda, according to President Barack Obama, is on job growth. What kind of event could we create that led to people getting more jobs--especially for New Smyrna Beach and, possibly, for the country? (CPR Sunday was modeled on a successful event that was held in California a year or more earlier.)

Involvement and Sponsorship

Who needs to be involved in planning an event? Who would be willing to sponsor the event? What would be required in order for the event to take place and add value to the community (communities) hosting the event? All of these are questions that need to be answered in the beginning stages of planning.

Who is in a position to know the needs of the community? Is it the Mayor of a community? Who else might know? How can the people who know these community needs be contacted?


Go to the discussion tab associated with this page to read the posts and to enter your responses. This is where much of the brainstorming takes place.