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This survey tool is available for purchase from eBay.

Background--President Obama, Community Colleges, Chambers of Commerce, Businesses and Organizations

President Barack Obama, in his State of the Union address on January 27, 2010, mentioned that he wants to revitalize the nation's community colleges. Many community colleges have a role in workforce education. This survey is designed to be conducted in a business-by-business format, with many businesses collaborating together in a community, for example, a community served by a Community College District.

Chambers of Commerce are logical choices to administer these surveys, though individual businesses and other organizations including Community Colleges and public and private universities can benefit by gathering the data generated by these surveys.

As the economy evolves and jobs change, needs for workforce training and continuing education also are in a process of evolution. A Community Needs Assessments involves several phases. The initial phase is data collection and involves completion of data gathering surveys.. Results of these surveys will be shared with participating Chambers of Commerce and other organizations and with institutions supporting workforce education in the communities participating in the project.

Five-Part Electronic Survey

This is a five-part (40-question) electronic survey designed to be completed online. Participants can complete one page at a time and print it or e-mail it as they complete each page.

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