Current Projects--March 2010

DrM-Language Affordable Online Language Learning Project

There is a tremendous need and demand for online language learning for English and for other languages. DrM-Resources is working with two online learning systems that offer English language learning at affordable prices with access 24/7 from home computers connected to the Internet. Both of these systems offer value-added training as well as a business opportunity for those who want to get into the business of making online language learning available to learners. One system currently is exclusively for use in China and the other system is being used throughout the world. Visit and the second-language-learning page of this website for more details. The DrM-Blog has several posts about this subject as well. The DrM-Language page will contain more information on the project.


Practice collaboration in teams, groups, companies and in school districts, schools, and classrooms. Visit the Collaboration-Project page for more information. For information about the new DrM-Collaboration-Web2 Integration-Social Networking Service, visit our Services page.

Non-Affiliation Statement for Projects Below

DrM-Resources is not affiliated with any other organizations when working on the projects listed below. It is currently the sole sponsor of the projects and none of them are funded at the moment other than by funds from DrM-Resources. While it is hoped that each of these projects will add value for target communities and organizations, none of these communities or organizations has initiated any of these projects.

NSB-Project for New Smyrna Beach, FL

Adler Creative Writing Project

The purpose of this project is to stimulate creative writing in the genre of science fiction and fantasy using resources available in Chicago.

Providing Access to eAudiobooks and Audiobooks to Improve Reading and Academic Performance

Extracts from the DrM-Resources-Blog on Saturday, August 15, 2009

Most recently I have been focusing on the ongoing problem of below‐grade –level reading among middle school students and beyond. While prevalent among ELLs and students whose families are in the lower economic categories (receiving free or reduced lunches), it is more widespread than that. My research and practice have led me to explore a technology‐enhanced approach which had established a good track record in the 1990s and has even greater application today, leveraging the new technology. I am referring to the use of audiobooks and eAudiobooks (which can be downloaded to iPods and MP3 players) to encourage reading and improved academic performance. (See for an article and a presentation on this subject.)

Today, at the beginning of the 2009‐2010 school year, I am looking for school districts who would like to partner with me to introduce this approach with small groups of students, teachers, and librarians at the middle school level and above. I am registered as a contractor for the government and as a qualified grant recipient. Of course, we can extend the program to elementary schools in school districts who become involved and who want to extend the program in that way. Elementary schools are just not the primary focus for the first year of the grant being proposed.

I am not independently wealthy and do not, as yet, have grant money to back me. Therefore, I am extending this challenge beyond school districts to others who would like to subscribe to this project in an affordable way. Some collaborative partners may provide materials for students to use. Others may assist me to find a way to generate funds to support the project (and my efforts on the project) by finding a way to subscribe students to the project. I am also looking for potential sources of MP3 players and eAudiobooks the students can use.

If you are ready "step outside of the box" to work with me to meet this challenge, please let me know.

Using Audio Books to Improve Reading and Academic Performance

See a related presentation at
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LinkedIn Discusions on Using Audio Books

Audio eBooks for Learning

Downloading Audio eBooks for Apple iPod, MP3 players, and more

Research indicates that many students in elementary through high school and many adults have not developed a proficiency in reading that makes reading a fun activity. Research further indicates that the behavioral problems many students express at school may have a base on their lack of ability to read fluently in the academic language they encounter at school. Adults face similar challenges in the workplace. (See the presentation and article above for more detail.)

The current project explores making audio books (books in a recorded format) more available to students and to adults to encourage reading by listening and sometimes following along with a "companion" book. Reading surveys are available for students, parents, teachers, and adults to gather input regarding reading habits connected with audio books. Research is also being conducted at libraries to see how accessible audio books are for the different groups of people.

If you would like to participate in this research and to be provided with a copy of the research and the results, please visit, then come back to this page and send a notification to Joel about your interest.

To participate in a networking discussion, visit eAudiobooks-for-Learning on this wiki space.

Distance Education Programs Research Project

Distance education programs are evolving at a breakneck pace. For busy adults, online programs offer the key to completing degree and professional growth requirements while maintaining a balanced family life. This research project involves collecting data from non-profit and profit community colleges, colleges, universities, and other organizations to see what the current trends are in developing, delivering, assessing, and improving distance education.

Participate by completing a survey or by having your organization subscribe to the project.

LinkedIn Discussions for Distance-Education-Programs-Research Project*2#commentID_4825392

Community Needs Assessment--Workforce Training and Continuing Education--Northern Illinois

As the economy evolves and jobs change, needs for workforce training and continuing education also are in a process of evolution. This project involves completion of data gathering surveys in several communities in Northern Illinois. Results of these surveys will be shared with participating Chambers of Commerce and other organizations and with community colleges supporting the communities participating in the project. For more information, go to the Community-Needs-Assessment page.

Participate by completing a survey or by having your organization subscribe to the project.

Accessing Audio Books for Seniors

Since 1931 the Library of Congress has run the National Library Service for the Blind and Physicaly Handicapped (NLS/PBH). In 1934 it began adding recorded audio books. As the technology has changed over the years, the NLS/BPH has kept up and now has audiobooks (and Braille books) available for qualified users of its service (including children as of 1952). These books are mostly in cassette format. NLS/BPH began creating digital masters for these books in 1999 and is introducing a new MP3 player for its subscribers as of July, 2009. Most of the books available on this service were specifically narrated for the service--which uses unique transcribing and playing codes. Part of this project is to invite authors and publishers of audiobooks to make copies of their audiobook files available free to the NLS/BPH so that subscribers can get access to a greater variety of audiobooks than is currently available from the service.


Each of us has wisdom and experience to offer--and areas where our wisdom and experience are not yet enough to solve challenges--or at least to solve them as effectively or as efficiently as each of us would like.

By participating in a virtual think tank, We can share our ideas with others and benefit from more perspectives, wisdom, and expertise. We can also bring our insights to bear on other issues. Gaining perspective and insight are two of the important features think tanks have to offer. Hopefully you'll want to be involved.

Joel has been working with the idea of a virtual think tank for many years and wants to "put it on the road" here. The Joelmonty-Virtual-Think-Tank is one of the services provided by See our Services page for more information.


The DrM-Virtual3D-Learning-Workshop is a project designed to incorporate learning from the Virtual Edge 2010 Summit regarding the design of learning workshops in Virtual 3D environments. There is a project page on this website and a "Red Carpet" Group Page on LinkedIn (think of the Academy Awards). The project is intended to combine the best strategies for learning design with the Virtual3D environment provided by VirtualU--a subsidiary of Digitell, Inc.